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  • How to remove your AMP content from Google search

    First Method: Remove AMP from Google Search Use this method to remove your AMP pages from Google Search without displaying an error to the user. Remove the rel="amphtml" link from the canonical page in the source code. Configure your server to return either an HTTP 301 Moved...

    Tags: amphtml, googlebot, amp, amp page, canonical, Google AMP Cache

  • Optimize AMP Pages Using Google Search Console

    It is important for a website owner to optimize AMP pages to rank among top search results in the world. If a website page has both AMP and non AMP version of a web page, use “<link rel="amphtml" href="" /...

    Tags: validate amp, amp plug validator, amp-analytics, optimization, Google Search Console, amp

  • How to modify your responsive AMP ad code

    If you find that google's responsive AMP ad code doesn't do everything you need, you may modify your ad code to better meet the requirements of your site. The following examples show you how to correctly make these modifications. Example 1: AMP ad with variable width and fixed height ...

    Tags: adsense, amp, ads


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