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  • goodair

    About me: If you’re a REAL man who appreciates a REAL woman who can stand on her own but would prefer to stand by her man…if you stand tall on the inside as well as on the outside and respect...

  • Michael Allen

    • Thomas G

      Comment on "Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology is the future of the web."

      Is AMP Google Stealing Mobile Traffic from publishers its potential pitfalls? When readers share links to...ight be skeptical to this idea of AMP benefiting google at the expense small content owners who normally w...

      • Thomas G

        Comment on "Comments"

        Is AMP really the future of the mobile web? The AMP's future...nfluence for the mobile web, it’s impact will all depend on whether it becomes...can benefit the content owners or publishers especially the website owners unlike Fa...

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      • Amazon has launched Spark, a social network for its shoppers network for Amazon shoppers that allows Prime members to shop for...addition, Amazon's Spark, will allow amazon Spark members to sho...rket research, more and more people all over the world are now spendi...Ltd. Elgg has 1,137 websites all over the world, while WordPre...

      • Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology is the future of the web.

        ...ased websites, in particular, are growing fast. Google has begun switching mobile search results to AMP based links, and which means that almost all of the future online search v...

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      • Adventist Home

        Seventh-day Adventist singles can now join My Advent Home for Adventist Singles community to Connect with other Adventist singles all over the world through Adventist dating site.


        Today was a very nice day. I learned about elgg json URL response. Hope to make some nice hovercards for elgg with my idea. Also drowing my first illustration book. The God is good all the time. His mercy is new every morning...


        I'm not very social. From an Arab country. I've come to accept Christ by watching Seventh Day Adventist Sermons. This is my 3rd Year (not sure) as a Christian and I've not really made any true contacts with any Adventist believers. I read and listen.

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          Thomas G on kensas (): I like this product
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            Thomas G on tuju (): I think it may say on the bottle that it is, but for some reason it doesn't...
            • Thomas G
              Thomas G on tuju (): I think it may say on the bottle that it is, but for some reason it doesn't...

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