I didn't work for 2017 but I have kids can I still file taxes to claim them and get Child Tax Credit or the Child and Dependent tax break?

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    If you are single or not married you may not file a joint tax return with your spouse. If this is true to your case first, you are required to file your taxes every year even if you had zero income. However, there is no reason for you to claim child tax credit in your tax return filling if you do not have income from any source regardless if you have children or not.

    The money you hear about online or even in the neighborhood people getting in U.S.A for just filing a tax return claiming 1 to unlimited kids in the beginning of February requires you to  have  earned income also known as wages from employment or  self employment income.

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    Back to our main question! You cannot receive  tax credit such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit or the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit if you do not have earned income from wages or a net profit from self-employment.  

    The government does not refund tax for taxes that it never withheld from wages that were never earned by a citizen or individual.

    In short, If you did not work and earn any income, you cannot get the earned income credit.  You only get a refund or money back by working or by earning income form any source of income through out the year.

    Other people tend to ask this same question as; Can I claim my kids if I didn't work? or Can I claim unearned income and claim my kids?

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        If you are over age 23, and are not claimed as a dependent by someone like your parent, you may be eligible for the up to 1000 dollars refundable American Opportunity Tuition Credit. Tuition Credit is not dependent on having either kids or earned wages or income. For you to get Tuition Credit in your tax return, you must be at least a half time undergraduate student and actually paid tuition to college not just had it paid by grants. If you paid your tuition through loans, the tuition counts as being paid by you because in the near future, you will have to pay that money back to the owners or banks.

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