Best Google Search Tools for Content Owners

Best Google Search Tools for Content Creators

Bellow are the lists that are very important for content creators sites to be crawled or optimized for Google Search engine.

  • Search Console - This enables a site to be discovered by Google Search Console for the world to —sees your website and app in Search results.  Also, your website can be optimized through Search Console tool and also bug errors can be identified for developers.

  • Structured Data Testing Tool - This tool helps to test your site page's data markup structure issues. All errors needs to be fixed before deploying your markup.

  • Mobile-Friendly Test - This tool helps site owners to be able to test their sites for mobile-friendly design. 

  • Rich Results Test -  Enables site owner to test their public pages for rich results generated for site structure analysis.

  • AMP Test - Site owners can be able to verify that their AMP pages are valid and can be meets the guidelines of  AMP related features in order to be crawled or submitted to on Google AMP Search.

  • Google My Business - This tool enables a business owner to be able to set up their business operational hours, business phone number, and business actual location for directions on Google Search and Maps, on Google My Business.

  • PageSpeed Insights - Last but not least, this tool enables site owners and developers to be able to test how long it takes for a web page to load.

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