Photoshop CC (2018) always crashing on Windows 10

How to solved the problem of Photoshop CC (2018) that keep  crashing on Windows 10 .

Nvidia driver setting has to be set in order for Adobe software to function properly.

First download the latest Nvidia card from

Also make shure that your intel graphics is up to date.

How to Update your Intel(R) HD Graphics driver manually

Intel has released for Windows 10 drivers for of display cards. Now go to Intel’s website and find the right driver. Note:  Make sure you find the right version fro your device. Wrong driver can can cause serious PC problems.

intel graphics card automatically handles less demanding programs while the Nvidia card handles heavy demanding programs on computers.

When 1050 graphics Nvidia does not wake up to do its job properly, the demanding programs will crash or stop functioning properly.

This is how to set up Nvidia card on windows 10 devices

1. Open up Nvidia control panel (right click on the Nvidia icon on the task manager)

2. Go to Manage 3D Settings from the left menu

3. Go to program settings

4. Using the drop down menu find Photoshop and all the other programs that crashes

5. Under Power management mode it should say Optimal Power, switch that to Prefer maximum performance

At this point the Nvidia graphic card should work whenever heavy programs like Photoshop are running or are active or are in use.

Nvidia tends to run all the time and demand the machine to work harder and this might lead the temperature to rise and this may make your computer to feel warmer.

I you do not have Nvidia graphic installed or you are not shure, just use this link and the website should recommend the best driver to download

Also, if using dell optiplex 790, use the service tag to get latest drivers:

Hope this helps

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