Fore Machine Company, Inc

Company Overview

Fore Machine Company, Inc. manufactures aerospace components. The company's products include basic machine parts and critical and flight safety assemblies, such as mechanical assembly, force gradient assemblies, pylon assemblies, bulkhead assemblies, cover assemblies, jackshaft assemblies, actuator assemblies, bell-crank assemblies, and manifolds. The company offers CNC machining of titanium, steel, aluminum, stainless, castings, and forgings; composite bonding of parts, materials, fabrics, buffers, cork, plastics, and other materials; assembly services, such as bearing install, thermal fitting, riveting, mechanical assembly, and cold expansion; and metal processing services, such as prime and top coat, chemical film, application of solid film lubricant, wet and dry abrasive blast, fluidized or electro-static epoxy powder coating (Blue Coat), and chemical cleaning of aircraft materials. The company’s clientele include Bell Helicopter, Agusta Aerospace, American Eurocopter, L-3 Communications, DuCommun LaBarge Technologies, Triumph, and Kaman Aerospace. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

Key Executives for Fore Machine Company, Inc.

Mr. Gary Fore -- Chief Executive Officer

The company was founded in 1979

Detailed location

5912 Eden Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76117-6122

United States

Contact information

AJ Fore

Phone: (817)-851-8990

Phone: 817 834 6251

Fax: 817 838 9111