Vote Against Alcohol Sales in Keene, Texas

It has been 10 years since the last beer, spirits, wine, liquor, and cocktails also known as “Keep Our Money in Keene City” election was conducted in Keene, Texas. Now again there is a proposition on the ballot to give sale of alcohol in Keene City another chance. The Election Day is May 5th 2018, and by coincidence on a Saturday! However, early voting begun on April 23, 2018 through May 1, 2018 from 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. at New Keene City Hall.

According to City of Keene Facebook post, "early voting has had a great turn out so far. 2 more days are left of early voting."

  • Monday, April 30th 7am - 7pm
  • Tuesday, May 1st 7am - 7pm

If you didn't understand the voting date setup strategy which was probably set up by city officials, you might find irony in the fact that in a city with more than 70% sabbath observers, the election day is set to be on Saturday!

Keene residents have noticed signs in Keene urging Keene citizens to vote "FOR local option." It is sad that yard signs saying " My Vote is AGAINST beer and wine sales" have been vandalized and stolen by those wanting alcohol sales in Keene.

Most active voters in Keene are complaining that, a group of individuals who were using genuine and active Keene residents voter's list to collect signatures for a petition to legalize sale of alcohol in Keene through a ballot referendum were not forthcoming. We all know that the 500 signatures that were collected in Keene in support for alcohol sale proposition were as a result of lies that were used to trick Keene residences to sign the petition for alcohol sale in Keene with a "misleading" and "deceptive" slogan of more jobs in Keene and opening a new produce store in Keene, which will lead to more revenue for the city of Keene. Now that the collection of signatures for a petition of sale of alcohol in Keene is behind us, let us talk about the turning Keene city from dry to wet.

Some voters might argue that Saturday voting is generally intended to make it easier for majority of participants to vote without missing work. However, Saturday voting can intentionally by design exclude Sabbath observant Jews, Seventh Day Adventists and other Saturday Sabbath observers who normally abstain from voting on Saturday. Voting on Saturday might ensure low sabbath observers voters turnout. If this scheme is achieved, alcohol sales could be allowed in Keene Texas due to low voter turnout among the Sabbath observers on the final Election Day in Keene Texas.

People in support of lifting Keene's dry status claims that it is convenient to have alcohol (wine and beer) sold in the city of Keene in order to bringing dollars in Keene that is now spent in the surrounding cities. However, by allowing alcohol retail sales would make it convenient for local youths to get easier access or purchase alcohol (spirits, wine, beer, liquor, and cocktails ) which in the end will be a "a public health issue."

Those who are supporting alcohol sales in Keene claim that allowing alcohol sales will “level the field.” Furthermore, supporters of alcohol sales argue by using Texas comptroller of public accounts records stating that Alvarado city Tax Revenue of $607,332, up 53% in 2011; Cleburne city Tax Revenue of $2,583,445, up 30.1% in 2009. In addition, supporters of alcohol sales in Keene suggests that sale of alcohol will ensure that $3.2 million retail dollars will be kept in Keene; $75,000 tax dollars will be generated from alcohol sales from liquor stores in Keene city, liquor and alcohol groceries stores will create at least 30 additional jobs in Keene city, and about $1,500 annual license fees generated from alcohol sales in Keene, Texas. However, any increase in revenues, fees, and taxes generated through alcohol sales would likely be offset by the cost of managing and tracking those licenses and more importantly, the law enforcement or police officers that focuses on special issues related to drug, alcohol, and/or inhalant abuse will not keep up with city crimes like burglary, home invasions, and other problems that are associated with wet cities. In other words, the city of Keene will be running on the revenue generated from alcohol sales and on the other hand, the city will be spending heavily on issues related to wet cities.

If the alcohol sales vote within city limits of Keene passes on Saturday, May 5, 2018, there would be a gradual impact on the law enforcement. The police department will be forced to hire more police officers or request the current police officers to work more hours and therefore accumulate more overtime as juveniles continues to access alcohol in Keene.

Alcohol and drug addiction to children whose parents or friends' parents might have alcohol abuse problems is more common in wet cities. For example, alcohol related problems in the nearby Alvarado city is prevalent due to youths and adults drinking problems checking into alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation centers. Those who support alcohol sales ignore to show the truth about physical and psychological problems that accompany alcohol sales in major cities in U.S.A.

One has to visit the surrounding Keene cities rehabilitation centers and see what alcohol consumption is doing to families, communities and more especially kids growing up in pro alcohol  cities also known as wet cities. Safety and health of Kids should be Keene’s top priority.

Alcohol consumption can ruin people’s lives! Authorizing youths to easy access to alcohol and related beverages within Keene city limits will be the beginning of several issues associated with alcohol consumption and substance abuse by local juveniles and some adults in Keene city.

Allowing sales of alcohol will set forth a clear pathway to other businesses that tend to associate themselves with alcohol licenses such as check cashing, gun shops, adult entertainment, strip club, peep shows, bars, and many more that are not listed here.

As an adult living in Keene, whether you like consuming alcohol from time to time or has a six pack or bottle of alcohol in your refrigerator; after knowing all these problems that are associated with free access to alcohol by youths within the city limits, we all know that most people I’m guessing would vote no to Keene Beer-wine proposition on May 5th 2015.

As Fort worth and Arlington and other surrounding cities continue to die due to high crime rates as a result of drugs and alcohol abuse and consumption, more people are moving to Keene to settle down with their families  because Keene city is a dry city. No wonder Keene residents are experiencing high traffic these days which can be the reason why Keene city's red lights along south Old Betsy Road are blinking day and night.

Keeping alcohol stores away from Keene city will ensure that kids can walk in the city without fear of running into intoxicated drivers and even drunk pedestrians on the newly constructed sidewalks and on Elisa Carver Park.

What the city of Keene needs are city council leaders with vision and mission to market the city to non-alcoholic investors and also working with local residents in order to start business at their homes and allow the existing commercial businesses building to lease their premises to new entrepreneurs without following strict and prohibitive zoning commercial maps that are outdated.

For example, if the city of Keene residences were allowed or encouraged to do businesses from their homes, the city will be generating more sales taxes from those businesses because now more and more businesses are moving online.

It is no longer a secret anymore that the brick-and-mortar outlets stores including major grocery stores that sells alcohol and related beverages are continuing to fold or close businesses all over U.S.A as shoppers flock to the internet. We can have a produce store that can sale produce and healthy food without alcohol and a gas station that sells goods, services, and gas without alcohol.

According to Keene entrepreneurs and businesses owners, Keene does not need grocery chain stores that are depended on beer and wine business models! This is not the kind of progress we want.

To all Sabbath observers, last Day of Early Voting by Personal Appearance, Thursday, May 1, 2018!

Keene Voters, Vote against Alcohol sale in Keen Texas on earlier voting which already started on April 23, 2018 to May 1, 2018 and put Health and Safety of our Kids and women first!

    • Thomas G
      Thomas G

      #KeeneResidentsTalk group on Facebook known as Keene Residents Talk can not stand Voting No for Wine and Beer Sale in Keene, Texas on May 5th 2018. The post was deleted within a few minutes it was posted. Ironically the group has several articles that are for alcohol sale.

      • goodair

        Vote Against Alcohol Sales in Keene, Texas! The Election Day is May 5th 2018, and by coincidence on a Saturday! However, early voting begun on April 23, 2018 through May 1, 2018 from 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. at New Keene City Hall.

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