Elgg-videos does not trigger conversion script

I Was reading elgg questions a week ago and run into Elgg discussion and finally ended up looking at your plugin on github called elgg-video and finally I downloaded it and started testing it.

Earlier last three weeks ago, I had downloaded and tested izap_videos that is currently being maintained by iionly, but izap_videos had several issues that most users are having at the moment on Elgg community. Your elgg-video even though it is not currently maintained on Github was able to upload video hosted on the server and also was able to upload and covert manually more than one resolution of video formats and finally was able to pull all of of video entity sources tags and used them on my new project that I am working on.

Thanks for the time and thoughts you had put into this video plugin. I will share the whole code with you at your convenience.

After downloading your elgg-videos plugin, I have been able to make some several modifications in order for the your plugin to work with Video.js and html5. At the moment, I am testing it with Elgg version 2.3 on my shared hosting account. I have set all the admin setting accordingly and even on the admin video admin/plugin_settings/video I have set the options for the video to be checked Check for unconverted videos every every minute . Also my server Cron Job has been set to to run every one minute and i have tested it and seems to run normally. However the video does not seam to be converted.

First issue is that video conversion script does not run or work. As a result, I had to convert most of the videos through admin page admin/video/convert one by one and then finally I was able to get those files to play on the view section by pulling the video files directly from the Elgg data store because the uploaded default or converted video of 1 minutes long was not converted and hence a message:-

This video hasn't been processed yet. Try again later.

How can all of these resolutions in the start.php file be triggered automatically during file upload without admin having to convert each and every video manually?
function video_get_resolution_options() { // TODO Get all the supported formats straight from the converter? return array( '0' => 'same as source', '320x240' => '320x240 (qvga)', '640x480' => '640x480 (vga)', '852x480' => '852x480 (hd480)', '1280x720' => '1280x720 (hd720)', '1920x1080' => '1920x1080 (hd1080)', ); }

Last issue i had while on the admin page admin/video/convert was that almost all of the video resolutions versions listed above in the function ** video_get_resolution_options()** were converted manually by Elgg admin without errors, however when the same as source option was selected and then Convert button was clicked there was this error message on the admin page: ERROR: Failed to create file .

Invalid frame size: 0x3163..

Used command: "ffmpeg -y -i '/home/tmtwa/elggdata2/1/36/video/583/vid-20170325-wa0000.mp4' -c:v libx264 -s '0x3163' 
'/home/tmtwa/elggdata2/1/36/video/583/vid-20170325-wa0000_0x3163.mp4' 2>&1"

Thanks once again. Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Thomas G
      Thomas G

      Sorry for cron job trouble. I had to use cpanel command line for the cron job to run. 

      /usr/bin/wget --spider --output-document=/dev/null http://mysite.url/cron/minute/

      Then I got an email with this words.

      Cron Daemon <theusername@dallas.arvixeshared.com> 4:17 PM (39 minutes ago)

       to me

      Spider mode enabled. Check if remote file exists.

      --2018-01-04 17:17:01--  http://www.mysite/cron/minute

      Resolving http://www.myadventhome.org...

      Connecting to http://www.mysite.org||:80... connected.

      HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

      Length: unspecified [text/html]

      Remote file exists and could contain further links,

      but recursion is disabled -- not retrieving.

      In order to stop email to may account every minute the cron run I set I used this code at the end of the command above.

      >/dev/null 2>&1

      Then I had to add this lines at the end of the command line above: and the whole command line looked like this

      /usr/bin/wget --spider --output-document=/dev/null http://mysite.url/cron/minute/>/dev/null 2>&1

      Hope this can help someone who might need help.

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